Saturday, November 19, 2011

Gigs and problems

Dear readers,

We kind of played quite a few gigs this month. These are like practice sessions, but with an audience. I am also a bit more alert than I would normally be in a practice session. There are good venues that have transparent payment structures (e.g. The Kyra Theater) and there are venues that exploit the band (wouldn't name any). Nonetheless, we played for the sake of people who came to watch us - and let me tell you, it is worth the crap the venue or the organisers or the scenario throw at you.

Some of the most useful comments came from Ananth Menon, the guitarist of Galeej Gurus. We (more specifically, I) will have to surely look at these things and work everything out.

Our setup has increased its size by about 30%. Transportation is a problem. Previously, we could lug our instruments on our shoulders and go for a gig. It is not the same anymore. Last time while getting back from HRC, we had to split our luggage in order to reach back conveniently and still not pay too much on transportation.


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