Sunday, October 9, 2011

My first Agatha Christie novel

Dear readers,

It would be weird to state that of all the innumerable books that I have ever read till date, not one was an Agatha Christie work. That being said, I made my debut with a novel that had a nice ring to its name - Five Little Pigs. In hindsight, I believe my decision to pick this novel off the bookstore shelves might have been subconsciously influenced by my familiarity with the Holmes' story - Five Orange Pips.

Now I know why people who love deduction based detective works swear by her name. The pacing is impeccable. It is my personal opinion that the pacing of the events is far superior than any of the Holmes' stories. Again, we must remember, she was perfecting a genre that was invented by Arthur Conan Doyle.

I could care less of the ending. The novel had double denouncements - the first one directing Poirot to a wrong deduction. While the ending is not exactly an icing on the cake, I take this as a property of this particular novel.

I am certainly looking forward to another work by her. Dame Christie can surely hold my attention (and billions of others' as well).


For those who have read the book - I am surprised that all the 'pigs' ignored the existence of Miss Lemerchant as a 4 year old kid. One of them - Governess Williams even says that there were 4 ladies in the house, thus omitting Miss Lemerchant altogether.

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