Monday, March 7, 2011

A small boy and a slightly grown up girl.

Dear readers,

Something funny happened today. Of late, I carry my camera wherever I go and snap a couple of shots. Not all of them are quality ones but I try my best to follow the advice of the people who love the 35mm format. So, while I was shooting my friends crossing a road segment on a cycle, a boy came up to us. He was pretty shy. Firoze managed to persuade him in order to pose for a snap. When I had taken the photograph, he quickly rushed towards me. My friends laughed really hard at the scene while I was still trying to guess the cause of hilarity. That's when I realised that the kid wanted to see how the photograph had turned out. He was expecting a digital image pop up on an LCD but the film camera disappointed him.

Tonight I also met a girl carrying around a Kodak 35mm point and shoot. I'd guess it was a variant of Kodak VR35 or S Series (some wide angle variant). I should have asked her where she gets her film processed and printed since I have been disappointed on many occasions.


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