Saturday, March 5, 2011

Discovering a new ice-cream

Dear readers,

The last two years belonged to Amul Swirl Chocolate. Due to inflation and increasing market prices, Amul decided to keep the price same, reduce the quantity and rebrand it as Amul Sundae.

Two days ago, partly due to absence of Amul products in my local shop**, I chanced upon an awesome substitute. This one is a take on choco-bar genre by Mother Dairy and is called Chillz Chocolate Treat
Here is the instruction from an official mother dairy document, pp. 45 -

Chillz Chocolate Treat:
Total weight: 68.3gm.
Centre filling weight [Hard chocolate; interior]: 8gm
Wheat crispy weight [Embedded in topping]: 2.5gm. (should be 2gm)
Toping weight [Thin solid chocolate layer; exterior]: 10.5gm.(should be 12gm).
Stick weight: 1.1gm.
Wrapper weight: 1.4gm.
Chocolate ice cream weight [Between the two chocolate layers]: 41.2gm


**Amul executives, if you are reading this, please note that distributors in Kharagpur are doing a lousy job.

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