Tuesday, December 24, 2013

My one+ year stint with Tumblr

Tumblr was a decent experience. However, it is not exactly a blog in the traditional sense. I found the following things not in line with my tastes, sensibilities or modes of operation.

Firstly, Tumblr focuses on micro content. Although the mechanism isn't exactly so, the layout is more in sync with such a philosophy. These micro chunks of content is something that is expected to arise from cellphones or tabs. I have seen many high quality posts but they are more of an exception than the norm.

Secondly, their sharing system is something that resembles a tumbleweed, and that's where probably they derive the name from. A comment is no more a comment - the post must be tumbled / reshared with the comment appended. This breaks the chain of linear conversation. I am yet to see what a modern CMS - discussion hybrid like Discourse is doing for they claim to have come up with a new paradigm in online discussion. I had to even set up a Disqus plugin on the site to enable discussion (even if it is sparser than matter in this Universe).

Thirdly, the internal dashboard seems more in line with Facebook or Twitter. There are trending posts highlighted that belong to the channels one has subscribed to. While someone may want a Flipboard like experience, I prefer the very personal dashboard of Blogger or even better - that of WordPress.

Finally, the customisation is something that leaves a lot to be desired. In both Blogger and Wordpress, I was able to set up the blog to nearly 90% of what I expect it to be. I understand that there are designing freedoms that must be restricted so that the engine can function properly.

My one+ year stint at Tumblr is still available at 54uv1k.tumblr.com


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