Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thesis update: Gearing up for submission

Dear readers,

As pressure mounds up and I am left in a crunch of deadlines, things have started falling into place like a jigsaw puzzle. As you might have noticed that the thesis update section that used to gobble up 60% op the header space has been reduced. The thesis (document) is ready for submission. However, before submission, there are a lot of protocols I have to adhere to and a lot of paperwork I have to take care of.

Here is a list of what I'll have to do. There may be more I am unaware of. I will update this list as and when information is available to me.

15: Meet the DSC members with the notice and a draft copy of synopsis.
18: Submit a copy of the notice in the office so that an office order can be issued. (Might have to shift this to 18th. Edit: it has been shifted)
18: Get the clearance form. Submit in the Hall Office for clearance.
19: Collect from hall office. Submit in the Dept. Office for clearance.
19: Give a mock presentation to my guide. Deferred.
20: Take printout of evaluation sheet.
20: Call the off-dept DSC member and intimidate him about the synopsis. My guide will take care of this.
20: Fill all necessary details in Research Scholar Information System* (RIS).
20: Give presentation and note all comments.
21: Fill all details of evaluation and prospective examiners (to be filled by the guide) into RIS.
21: Take a printout and submit in office along with a printed and CD copy of synopsis.
21: Get certificates from guide for inclusion in the thesis.
21: Give it for paperback binding.


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