Friday, June 3, 2011

Wrapping up the analysis

...and the first draft of my Results and Discussion chapter.

Dear readers,

I will take a break. There are specific areas in the thesis that require some major textual additions.

a) Yesterday's lecture gave me some important insight into other works in my field. Need to expand the Literature Review section with the newer details.
b) Write an objective. This would be my primary goal at this point of time. A rough sketch was written in the registration seminar report. The version in the thesis must be solid.
c) Future scope of work has to be written by me. My guide says he will sit down with me while jotting down Conclusion chapter.
d) Another appendix describing the salient features of the in-house code that was developed.

On another note, the promotion ready copy of DP's Magic was sent to the other guys.


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