Thursday, June 9, 2011

Minor update on PhD work

Dear readers,

As a whole documentation is the most tiring and frustrating experience. Since sections of my thesis were written at different times and with different targets in mind, there is a lot of discrepancy and non-uniformity. Polishing everything to a coherent whole is the final job. The direct contributory chapter - Results and Discussions - was the first piece that I sat down to revise yesterday. I am doing three things simultaneously.
  1. revision, copy-edits and spelling checks to eradicate errors.
  2. extracting important deductions and numbering them for the Conclusions chapter
  3. typesetting the document to avoid a bad visual experience.

So far I have finished 2 of 4 sections in this chapter.

There is also a conflicting symbol which denotes two important parameters. The symbol for one of them must be replaced with a unique one.


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