Monday, May 30, 2011

2 more days of isolation

...until I finish all the cases. This is the only site I will visit.

Update (30/5, 11:13): run-time error M6110: MATH - floating-point error: stack overflow Seems like there is no direct way out. I will have to split the program.

Update (30/5, 12:52): Devised a bypass for the stack overflow problem. This is not robust at all. Need to get some outputs quick before the internal heap allocation algorithm behaves like crazy.

Update (30/5, 14:22): Had food. Getting ready with pen and paper. Need to jot down all cases I have to run.

Update (30/5, 15:26): Took almost an hour but I have raw data of all the four essential cases. Will compare them and run two more additional cases if things appear fine.

Update (30/5, 15:47): Finished all essential and additional cases. Need some sleep. Will return to the problem as soon as I regain consciousness.

Update (30/5, 18:11): Working on the appendix - two methods to analyze dynamic systems, Have already written one of the methods.

Update(31/5, 12:04): Finished the Appendix (both sections).

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