Thursday, May 26, 2011

2 days of isolation

I'll give myself two days of isolation - no phones, no connection, no internet ^except this blog , no distraction - just lab, food and night sleep. And skim through the code to see what in the fucking segment is going so wrong. After many futile half-hearted attempts, this appears to be the only way out.

Update (26/5, 13:19): I have obtained a decent bifurcation width for second order cases. The undamped values appear fine but the damped values are off.

Update (26/5, 13:29): Although it is not mentioned anywhere but are these values to be computed using largest possible bifurcation? Each order has two roots and there are two roots in each order. Also at higher orders, the offset errors will diminish.

Update (26/5, 13:52): Test plot looks great. The damped values are still a bit off.

Update (26/5, 14:42): Detected a small error in coding. This factor has very little contribution to the overall effects. The damped values are still off. Must check original formulation by Deolasi.

Update (26/5, 16:00): No sign of improvement. No sign of my guide either. Nothing will work out unless I meet him.

Update (27/5, 10:30): Met my guide. He is fine with whatever results I am obtaining as long as it is legit. Getting back to writing a few crucial pages about the general nature of instability.

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