Friday, April 1, 2011

More observations on my photography skills.

Dear readers,

I couldn't help but loathe myself. Yesterday, the light was low and I tried capturing a few shots on 100 ISO film. I can predict that they will be some of the worst images I have captured on my camera.

The lens I have has a different alignment than the prism/viewfinder combo. Effectively, light travels different distances when it passes via the lens+mirror+prism to my eye and to the film via the lens. This effectively alters the plane of focus. I have observed that whenever I have left the aperture wide open to f/1.7, this problem is totally visible in the output. If I shoot a portrait and focus on the eyes, the result is always a sharp focus on the ears instead. With smaller aperture, the depth of field increases and this error remains hidden. In the last reel I tried not to use any aperture greater than f/2.8 (or less than f/8 to avoid heavy diffraction). Yesterday, I was faced with the daunting task of taking photographs in lighting conditions that ranged from EV 5 to EV 1. For 100 ISO film that boils down to a set of settings - 1/4s+f/2.8 for EV 5 and 4s+f/2.8 for EV 1.

Whenever there was some "action", all I got was lighting conditions of EV 1 or 2, as if these guys preferred it in the dark. This is exactly why I need to use two bodies - one with 400 and the other with a 100 ISO films.

I am not ruling out the possibility that there is a high chance that I was not creative enough to squeeze some interesting shots in those strange lighting conditions.


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