Thursday, March 3, 2011

My observations on my photographic skills.

Dear readers,

Let's face it. I am a horrible low light photographer. I have absolutely no clue about the exposure values that low light photography demands. Nonetheless, I am adamant about not using a light meter.

First things first, here are the photographs.

Film Scans : Feb 2011

What's worse is that I am moving into 100 ISO films and low light photography will be even more difficult. One good thing about this set of photographs is that the ratio of good exposures to bad exposures are really high. 3 shots among them were bracketed and the output is excellent. I have also tried restricting myself to minimal amount of post-processing.

There are three things that seem problematic. Firstly, the handling of the negative by the lab is really poor. There are unnecessary scratches. Secondly, I have not yet optimised the scan procedure for negatives. There are some shots which have somewhat tinted colours after post processing. Wherever possible, I have sacrified accuracy for dramatisation of the content. Thirdly, the grains in underexposed shots are so distracting.

I need to study and experiment a lot if I ever want to get good at this.


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