Sunday, January 9, 2011

More on $\LaTeX$ and IIT Kharagpur

Dear readers,

The Research Scholars' Day is an useless mandate that requires every department to host paper presentation in the presence of an invited dignitary. While this showcases some of the work that the department research scholars have undertaken, this also serves as reminder that no breakthrough work* is actually being done by majority in IIT Kharagpur. Compounded by a mandate to publish a proceedings booklet and preparing posters, this is a major waste of time. Oh, did I mention that it is not a particular day that has been fixed on the calender. The department chooses according to its convenience.

Last year I was in charge of the design works. This year I have picked up the proceedings. This enthusiasm was fueled in part due to a recent gift (The Elements of Typographic Style v3.2 by Robert Bringhurst) I had received from my friends. I was aware of the fact that not many people work in $\LaTeX$. (Well they should. Technical documentation on MS Word is a nightmare). As a consequence I had to give everyone an MS Word template, too. I'll have to typeset everything in $\LaTeX$ again once I receive the initial drafts.

The proceedings will also have a few unlikely pages that must be designed beforehand. I'll be mailing a template before I go to bed.


*There can be an in depth post on this. For the current purpose, this is out of scope.

In case you are in India, here is the Flipkart link for the book -

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