Thursday, January 13, 2011

GMail escape hatches for Temporary Error (500)

Dear Readers,

Please note that these are only some escape hatches that might enable you to re-access gmail. Their tech support is virtually non-existent and their forums are never visited by any gmail/google employees.

The remedy is to disable certain apps/codes/plugs in gmail so that nothing funny is loaded while you are accessing gmail. The only way you can access gmail settings is if you log into gmail!!!!! But the fact of the matter is that you can't log into gmail in the first place!!!!!!!! Please try these instead

a) Log into gmail in basic html mode

b) Disable google labs (this appears to be a major cause of such breakdowns)

c) Log in with their alternate UI

d) You may use their non-SSL versions of either (this may auto-redirect to an SSL url if you settings say so)

Once you have access, you can disable any labs (Settings > Labs) feature you had turned on, or as some people have suggested to set browser connection (Settings > General) to 'Don't always use https'.

There is no guarantee that they will work, but still might be useful.



  1. Most useful when you have a slow internet connection.

  2. While points a and b are recommended for slow connections, c and d are not. UI2 is AJAX heavy and wouldn't recommend a non-SSL version.