Monday, January 3, 2011

The art of balancing or how the cards topple

Dear readers,

Here comes an uncertainty of a magnitude that is getting the better of my judgment and clarity of thought.

I am a musician who is also an engineer and will soon get a PhD. Over the last few years my academia/degrees were my first preference, thus giving second slot timing to my band and musical ventures. The last one and half years have been really difficult since asynchronous schedules and commitments of each of the band members have pushed us out of live circuit. Even worse, we are not even at square one.

This difficulty would be easy to sort out had I moved out and stayed in the same city with my other bandmates. However, a more complex academic regulation imposed by my institute guarantees that I will not be able to leave this place before May.

It would have been easier to sort out if the band had time. Sadly, this is not the case.

I have one last viable option - letting go of the band that I had built. This will ease things out and relieve the constraint that the other guys are facing. If things fall into their place, there may be a future to deal with. If I constrain them more, there might not be a future indeed. Right now, the future seems bleak.

I will not take any hasty decision right now. Let me think.


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