Monday, November 15, 2010

Reasons why I plan to switch back to blogging

Dear Readers,

Around a decade ago, at the turn of the millennium, blog formally evolved from the concept of online journal. The original people associated with web logs were intelligent, eloquent and just plain amazing in their deeds and endeavours. Around a decade later, a decade into the twenty-first century common era, English has formally evolved into an unstructured, hyper-condensed construct - a change that will probably be as profound as the Great Vowel Shift. A blog is my way of reverting back to older ways of life when things were a bit more meaningful than they are now.

Communication on social networks and media has become more and more superficial. I could write in detail about how online social media bothers me but Alexis Madrigal has already done it and I wholeheartedly agree with him.

Also, this is my first posting experience via e-mail. Although, not as personal as a real letter written with a fountain pen on a cartridge paper, a well formatted electronic mail is still a treat to the eye when compared to a `Dude, wasup' on facebook or it's likes.


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