Monday, April 4, 2011

Progress on Thesis : Update 4 / Plan

Dear readers / myself,

At this point I have to make a realistic estimate of my work and work according to plan, else things will start falling apart.

There are two sections that my guide will help me write and I should not be bothered about these sections at all right now.
Chapter 2 : Literature Review's Objective of the present work
Chapter 6 : Conclusion (including future scope)

Today, after a fruitful discussion with guide, I could establish two specific areas that I needed to work on so that my thesis scan all the areas that an examiner would pay attention to. Both belong to Chapter 5 : Result and Discussion.

a) A significant chunk of study must be devoted to effects of layerwise damage in
free vibration and buckling, parametric resonance characteristics and follower force flutter characteristics.

b) A short treatise on the effect of damping on such a system is important. Most reviewers have pointed out the importance of damping in these systems. Damping studies can be done in parametric systems and nonconservative systems.

What appears to be short isn't really short. I need to make a huge commitment.


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